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My name is Tina Rahn, and I started my business the beginning of 2020. It hasn’t been the usual journey that got me here like most artists…. Art class in high school… majored in painting in college…etc. I have a different story ill share with you. When I was 16 I was run over by a car while crossing the street and I broke both my legs pretty badly and was told I would never walk again. I was crushed. However they were wrong. Numerous reconstructive surgeries later i walked. I was so moved by what the ambulance crew did for me that night that as soon as I turned 18 I became an EMT. I have been one ever since. My entire life for the past 2 decades I have been a volunteer EMT for my community as well as a paid EMT for the 911 system in NYC. During this time I still have struggled physically at times in pain due from my past. This job takes a toll on the body. I have also developed Essential Tremor disorder so sometimes my lines are never straight and squiggles are too squiggly. However it makes for interesting pieces.

Then In October of 2019 I tore my bicep and rotator cuff while helping a patient. During that time I had also found myself struggling mentally and was going to therapy. I didn’t realize that I had PTSD from my childhood as well from the job. It’s no secret that being an EMT is a stressful job. I had no idea what was bothering me or why. So while I was home injured, I started painting. It became a stress relief, like a form of meditation. I was getting out of my head. I was feeling better. My family was so supportive and thought to try to make a business out of the art that started accumulating in our home… so here I am!

I like to incorporate plants and crystals because they are two of my favorite things. Never did I think I would be where I am today but I would never change anything that has happened to me. I have never been happier! Thank you for visiting my site and for purchasing something I made. I am truly honored!

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